Retrieve crashed hard drive data on Mac

Mac users have a timeless experience by working on it. The World’s best Operating System installed in it makes it an outstanding system to work with. It comes with lots of built-in applications with new technologies. Most of the software in it will not be used by you. The Mac computers have amazing User Interface. The hardware of Mac is also equally good with aluminum outer cover. You can store lots of files on it like documents, photos, videos, etc. You can maintain data of different kinds on your Mac in different volumes of the hard drive.

The hard drive on Mac may crash and you will lose data stored on it. You might have turned off the computer improperly by hitting on the power button of the CPU. This might have been the reason for the hard drive crash and the hard drive is not recognized by the Operating system of Mac. In that situation, your mind will be with lots of doubts. Have I lost the files on the hard drive forever? Is there a way out to get back those files from the hard drive? These are the questions which you come across. No need to worry much as you can recover the data from the crashed hard drive using recovery tool. Mac hard drive recovery software helps you for Mac HDD recovery.

Common scenarios of Mac hard drive crash:

Frequent rebooting of hard drive: Frequent hard drive reboots may lead to hard drive crash. You may be rebooting it several times or might be because of power outages. Hence, you should take care of frequent reboots by using UPS if frequent power outage is the problem. In such situations, you can use recovery software. Mac hard drive recovery software helps you to recover the data securely from crashed Mac drives.

Boot failure: The boot fails when the hard drive crashes. The hard drive crashes due to bugs in boot driver, bad sector in the hard drive and so on. Even if the hard drive is troubleshot to boot, the files on it will be lost. In such situations, you need recovery software. Mac hard drive recovery software is one such recovery software which works good to get back files from external HDD, internal hard drive and from other storage devices on Mac computer.

Volume map corruption: Volume map is a storage space which has the information about the Mac volumes. The Operating System refers to the volume map for information like name of the volume, size, number of volumes and so on. The volume map corruption leads to huge data loss. The Operating System hence fails to access the volumes and boot the system. In such a case, you need recovery software. Mac hard drive recovery software helps you recover data from crashed hard drive. This application also helps you to retrieve deleted partition from HDD in few simple mouse clicks.

Catalog file corruption: The catalog file on Mac may get corrupted due to power surges, virus attack, and so on. The hard drive crashes and the OS fail to boot the hard drive as the files are not recognized by the OS. All the data on the hard drive will be lost in that case. You need a recovery tool to get back files from bad disk. Mac hard drive recovery software recovers the data easily from Mac drives.

There are lots of advantageous features of Mac hard drive recovery software. Some are given below:

The software recovers data from crashed Mac hard drive efficiently. You can restore files from corrupted iMac hard drive as well. The software has user friendly interface to be used by any person easily. The software has built-in rigorous scanning method to scan and recover the files efficiently. The software can recover data from hard drive of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro notebooks from apple. The software can recover files from lost, deleted or missing volumes on Mac. The recovery session can be saved to avoid rescanning. The software supports different Mac OS and hence, you can recover hard drive data on Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X 10.5 x, Leopard and Snow Leopard. You can try the demo version of the software to evaluate the recovery result.

Mac operating system contains Trash Bin, which stores all the files that are deleted from the particluar drive. Hence, there are chances that the user accidentally empties the Trash Bin without noticing its contents. Read more to get information on the recovery of files from Trash folder.

Steps to recover data from crashed Mac hard drive using Mac hard drive recovery software:

Step 1: Download the software and install on the healthy computer. Connect the crashed hard drive to the computer externally. Run the software and select "Recover Volumes / Drives" from the main page of the software.

Hard Drive Recovery Mac - Main Screen

Step 2: Select "Volume Recovery" from the second page of the software. Select the drive of the crashed hard drive and scan.

Mac Hard Drive Recovery - Hard Drive Selection Screen

Step 3: Preview the resulted files after scan and save on the computer.

Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software  - Preview Screen

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