Restore data from failed hard drive

Hard drives are the main integral part of the computer. It helps you to store huge data in it. Hence, all your data will be available for you at a place, i.e. on your computer. Coming to the computers for your data access, Mac is the most advanced computers the world had ever seen. It was designed and developed by Apple Inc. It has the most advanced Operating Systems in it making the computer speedy and reliable. It comes with lots of inbuilt software; most of them are those which you don’t use. In spite of the advanced technologies it is built with, there are chances of failures.

The hard drive of the computer may fail sometimes due to some catastrophes. Even you may be responsible for the failure as you mishandle the computer in a hurry. If it is not you then might be someone else do it accidentally. It happened to you this time as you are destined to it. You were handling your old Mac computer with lots of care. But while your kids were playing, they came running all of a sudden and “Booom”. What was it? They ran to bump into the power button and the system was turned off. When you try to start the computer, the system is not turning on. The abrupt turn off of the computer left some files on the hard drive corrupted which lead to the whole drive to be inaccessible. You may not get what was wrong, but you can recover the files from the physical hard drive using recovery software. Therefore, you can easily recover Mac hard drive data files using Mac hard drive recovery software.

Common scenarios of hard drive failures on Mac:

Boot error: When the Mac system fails to boot, a blue screen is displayed. This happens when the Master Boot Record on Mac, Mac OS gets corrupted or due to some other unknown reason. The hard drive data will be lost in this scenario. You can get back those files by using recovery software. Mac hard drive recovery software helps you to restore data from Mac portable hard drive, internal HDD, flash drives, USB drives and from other storage devices efficiently in such situations.

Catalog corruption: The catalog file on Mac gets corrupted for lots of reasons like virus attack, power outage, etc. The hard drive fails in such situations as the OS won’t be able to recognize the files. You will lose the important files on the hard drive. In such situations, you need a recovery tool to get back your data from the hard drive. Mac hard drive recovery software helps you to recover your files easily.

Volume map corruption: Volume map contains the basic information about the volumes on Mac computer. It is referred by the Operating System to know the size, number, location of the volume, etc. The volume map may get corrupted for many reasons. The hard drive will not be recognized by the OS in such situations and you will lose all the files on the volume. You can get back the data from the hard drive of Mac using recovery software. Mac hard drive recovery software helps you recover the files efficiently.

Faulty Operating System: The hard drive crashes as the Operating System malfunctions. You may face this situation if you have not installed the OS properly. You should stop the usage of your PC once you get to know that the OS is faulty. The system will crash one day, if you continue using the OS. After system crash, you can recover the data from the crashed Mac hard drive using recovery software. Mac hard drive recovery software helps you recover the files easily.

Important features of Mac hard drive recovery software:

Mac hard drive recovery software recovers data from failed hard drive of Mac computers. It supports different computers of Mac and hence you can recover data from hard drive on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac mini. The software has lots of advantages like, it has user friendly interface that you don’t need to be tech savvy to recover the files. The software not only recovers failed hard drives but also it is capable to restore data from journaled Mac volumes. The software can recognize up to 300 file types. It has the option to edit the list of file types and add the file types which were not there by default and scan for those. The recovery session after scan can be saved to avoid rescanning. The software supports hard drive data recovery on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mac OS X 10.5 x and above versions.

Mac operating systems has trash folder which cotains all the files that are deleted from the system. Hence unknowingly the user removes all the contents that are present in it without checking them once. Go to to see how the the tool recover trashed files from the system without causing damage to the data. iTunes is the media player that is inbuilt in the Mac operating system. Due to some or the other reasons loss of iTunes files takes place. Hence to get more information on this recovery process Read on.

Steps to recover files from failed Mac hard drive using Mac hard drive recovery software:

Step 1: Download the Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software and install on a healthy Mac based computer. Connect the failed hard drive externally to the computer. Run the software and select “Recover Drives/Volumes” option from the main page of the software wizard. Select “Volume Recovery” option from the next screen to recover the data from the failed hard drive.

Hard Drive Recovery Mac - Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive of the failed hard drive and click on “Next” button to scan for the files on the failed Mac hard drive.

Mac Hard Drive Recovery - Hard Drive Selection Screen

Step 3: After scanning, the result will be displayed and you can preview the recovered files. Save the files on the computer if you are satisfied with the recovered files.

Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software  - Preview Screen

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