Recover Formatted Hard Drive on Mac

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As nothing is immune in this world, hard drive also gets corrupts due to some unavoidable reasons. If you’re hard drive gets corrupt and you format the hard disk which erases all your important data. Formatting a Mac hard drive will wipe out all files and folders from the hard disk drive. It is like either your hard drive has gone or your data. At such situation, users always use first option and suffer data loss. Stop worrying if something like happens with you, just download Mac hard disk recovery software and restore your data back in few simple mouse clicks. You can also recover data from the Time Machine but If you have deleted or lost the Time Machine Data then don't worry as you can recover the data using the Time Machine Data Recovery Software. Click Here to know more.

In Mac operating system journal files are the most important one as they keep a track of all the information available in Mac hard drive and update it regularly. Whenever the journal file gets corrupted, your Mac OS starts abnormal behavior and data went missing from the hard drive or becomes inaccessible. At such case where data became inaccessible, users have only one solution i.e. formatting of the Mac hard drive. As we know that, formatting any data storage device will delete the entire information available and resets the address pointers. If you want to perform formatted hard drive recovery on Mac then you have only one choice i.e. hard drive recovery Mac software. It is the most advanced application available for Mac OS users and it also allows user to perform hard drive file recovery on Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard and on Leopard with ease.

Bad sectors on the hard drive are the other major reason which forces user to format the Mac hard drive. Generally, bad sectors on Mac hard disk created when you system shutdown suddenly or if improper power supply causes continuous system shutdown. The only option left for the user if bad sectors are created on the hard drive, as they make the stored data unreadable and it forces user to format the Mac hard drive which ultimately erases the stored data. In such miserable situation, use hard drive recovery Mac tool which help user to perform formatted hard drive recovery on Mac in few easy clicks. This advance utility also facilitates user to restore files from journaled Mac hard drive partitions in couple of mouse clicks and also supports recovery of files from hard drive partitions on Windows OS.

As formatting a drive doesn’t mean that you lost all your computer data permanently and you never get it back. In reality data is actually not deleted, it present somewhere in Mac hard drive itself. Only their address pointer which shows the location of files is removed. There is a possibility to recover it, only if you not use that formatted Mac hard disk again for storing new files. If you won’t use it you easily retrieve your data back. Use hard drive recovery Mac application if you are facing such issue and this application also enables user to get back files from iMac hard disk after corruption and it also supports other Mac machines as well. This tool is capable enough to recover files from dead hard drive on Mac after drive failure due to overheating on Mac OS X based computers having any file system.

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Few easy steps to perform formatted hard drive recovery on Mac:

Step i:Launch the free trial version of hard drive recovery Mac software, on the welcome screen of the software select "Recover Volumes/Drives" as illustrated in figure A.

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery on Mac - Main Screen

Step ii: On the next screen of the software, you have two option i.e. "Volume Recovery" and "Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery", select the second option and then select the hard drive from the list of logical drive as illustrated in figure B.

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery on Mac - Choose Drive

Step iii: Preview the resulted files after scan and save on the computer.

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery on Mac - Preview Screen

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