Recover Files from Western Digital External Hard Drive

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“Oh no!!! I have formatted my WD External HDD without keeping its back up. How to get back files from WD External Hard Drive?”

This might be a common situation faced by most of the people & suitable solution is to get back lost files is to use trusted recovery tool. Mac hard drive tool is one such program which can help you to solve all your problems within a short span of time. As long you do not add or save new data your lost files are recoverable. WD i.e. Western External HDD is one of the popular external HDD which can be used as a backup device due its huge capacity to store files. So if any kind of anomaly happens then you will be in massive data loss. As any storage device even HDD is prone to corruption and its hard to save it from data loss. But you can recover files from WD external hard drive by using reliable and efficient third party software. Mac hard drive recovery tool is one such powerful recovery application. Using this software, you can easily restore lost data from WD external hard drive & get an answer to "how to restore files from WD external hard drive?". You can also use this software to recover data from MacBook Air SSD hard drive and read here for the complete recovery procedure & know the answer to "How to Get Back Files from WD External Hard Drive?"

Some reasons causing to data loss from WD external HDD are:

  • When you re-format a hard disk i.e. converting the file system on Mac machine then there are chances of losing all files present there, if the process of re-formatting stops or it remains in-complete due to any disturbance.

  • You may delete some important files from your WD external hard disk, and failed to find them in the Trash Bin of Mac because it bypasses the Trash Bin.

  • You may lose files from WD hard disk when partition gets corrupted while trying to install dual OS on it.  It may also get corrupted if you use unreliable third party application to restore files or due to malicious programs then it results in loss of files from it.

  • Western Digital HDD may also get corrupted due to abrupt system termination or improper removal of the external drive from the computer to which it was connected. This may also lead to deletion of files present inside the external HDD without your knowledge.

  • It may also contain bad sectors & encounter error message “The disk in drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?” This error message may compel you to format your external hard drive & leave you in a state of complete data loss. Use Mac hard disk recovery tool to find missing files after formatting & to know more about it visit this page.

Mac Hard disk recovery tool is powerful tool that is designed with advanced features to restore lost or deleted files from Mac machine & to tell you "how to restore files from WD external hard drive?". It also supports recovery of HFSX & HFS+ file system. This utility executes on Mac Operating system without any difficulty. It can also provides restoration of corrupted iMac hard drive , Mac Mini, Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air, etc. This proficient utility also facilitate user to get back lost files from journaled Mac hard disk partition within less span of time.

How to Get Back Files from WD External Hard Drive?

Step 1: Connect WD external HDD to your system to recover files from WD external hard drive. From the main screen click on “Recover Files” & then go to the next screen & select "Recover Lost Files"

How to Get Back Files from WD External Hard Drive - Main Screen

Step 2: After that select the WD drive & then start the scanning program. This will show "how to restore files from WD external hard drive?"

How to Get Back Files from WD External Hard Drive - Select WD HDD

Step 3: Once the process is completed you can view the restored files.

How to Get Back Files from WD External Hard Drive - Preview Recovered Files

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