Have you lost data from iMac hard drive due to corruption?

Any disk based Operating System requires a certain amount of maintenance both to ensure that it operates efficiently and to prevent mishaps from occurring. Even though, your iMac’s all in one design reduces the number of cables your computer needs, it is still possible that your hard drive may get corrupted due to some other logical reasons. When you turn on your iMac to perform daily work, it suddenly freezes!!! Even after waiting for a long period of time, you are not able to access the data. In such case, it needs hard reboot. This temporary glitch is mainly associated with the abrupt system shut down. The next time when you turn on your iMac computer, you will get an error like “An error occurred during the file system check” or sometimes, you may get “inode Error”.

There are plenty of reasons why an iMac hard drive is displaying such strange errors. The main possible reason for the occurrence of above error in this instance is abrupt system shutdown. Abrupt system shutdown may cause file system corruption making all your data inaccessible. To keep track of where each file is stored, your Mac OS maintains a directory which tells your iMac  the names of every file and the exact physical location where each file begins. Files are divided into blocks, and typically the end of each block contains a pointer to the next block of that file. The division is transparent to you and when you open the file, you can see all the blocks altogether. Therefore, when directory structure gets corrupted, the allocation information of each and every file is destroyed. Sometimes it may lead to hard drive failure and you will have to face huge data loss. In such situstions, you need recovery software to retrieve data from failed hard drive. Mac hard drive recovery software helps you recover files efficiently Mac failed Mac drives. Hard Drive Recovery Mac software also facilitates user to restore deleted partition from hard drive in easy steps.

Some harmful viruses may add incorrect information in the file system by infecting the boot sector of your iMac computer. The incorrect information results in freeze, power outage or some other forced reboot. As a program makes changes to a file in memory, the changes normally are saved frequently but not instantly. When your Mac does not shut down properly, the OS checks the directory structure of the boot volume when it starts up. If the directory structure is really corrupted due to viruses or due to any other reasons, it’s rare but possible for MAC OS X to stop its startup process. In such case, it drops you into single user mode by displaying command line interface instead of a typical login finder. If backup of Mac created using the Time Machine is either deleted or lost then don't worry as you still have an option to recover the Time Machine Data. Click here for further details.

Therefore, when directory structure or file system gets corrupted, you cannot be able to access the files from the iMac hard drive. The blocks that make up your file still physically exist on your hard drive, but your iMac can't find and assemble the parts of your files again because of missing allocation information. No need to worry at all!!! Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software has the ability to search and restore lost data from hard drive on Mac lion and other versions of Mac by examining every part of the entire iMac hard drive. During the recovery process, it  ignores the disk directory structure’s listing and then recovers the data from iMac HDD. If you save or modify any files since you lost the files  then there is a very good chance any file might have written over the area that contains lost files. In this case, the chances of recovering the entire data intact drop rapidly over the time. So, avoid using the drive immediately and use hard drive recovery Mac application which also facilitates user to perform formatted hard disk recovery on Mac at your fingertips.

Mac Hard Drive Recovery software not only recovers accidentally deleted or lost data from iMac hard drive it can also retrieve MacBook Air hard disk data, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini data etc. Even though, journaling feature provided by Mac Operating Systems protect your data from abrupt system shutdown and other issues, there are some situations in which it might get corrupted. In such case, all your data stored on a journalled Mac volume may become inaccessible. In order to get an access to that data, you need to use data recovery software. This Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software can easily recover data from journalled Mac volumes like HFS, HFS+ and HFSX volumes.

How to recover data from corrupted iMac hard disk?

Step 1: If you are not able to boot the Operating System on iMac then download and install the software on another system and connect your iMac hard drive as a secondary storage device to perform hard drive recovery on Mac. Once you launch the software on another system, a main screen appears with 3 options. Select “Recover Drives/Volumes”  from the main screen.

Hard Drive Recovery Mac - Main Screen

Step 2: Select “Volume Recovery ” option from the next screen and then select the corrupted iMac drive. Now, click on “Next” option to start the recovery  process .

Mac Hard Drive Recovery - Hard Drive Selection Screen

Step 3: After successfully finishing volume recovery process view your recovered data by clicking on “preview” option.

Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software  - Preview Screen

Tips to avoid data loss in the future

  • It is always recommended to take full and efficient backup of essential and non-replaceable files
  • Do not turn off your System abruptly and use effective antivirus application to avoid virus attacks, thereby avoid data loss.
  • Make use of UPS to avoid sudden system shut down due to accidental power failure problems.

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